Protecting Yourself From Online Computer Virus Attack and Personal Identity Credit Card Data Hacking

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ways you can avoid becoming online identity theft victim

Ways to Prevent Identity Theft
By Ryan Franklin

Over the past five years 27 million United States citizens have become victims of identity theft. That means that nearly 10% of the total population has been a victim of this crime. An identity thief can strike anyone at anytime. If you think it could never happen to you then you are exactly the type of mark these criminals are looking for.

With all the new technologies available it is incredibly easy for someone to get your information, if they want it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent identity theft. 
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Prevent Identity Theft by Protecting Your Trash

While most people are concerned about protecting their information from the high tech identity thieves, there are still many that practice the technique called "dumpster diving". If you just throw away important statements and documents you might as well be handing the criminals your ID on a silver platter.

You should invest in a high quality crosscut shredder. Put every document that has even the smallest bit of personal information through your shredder before you trash it. This includes bank and credit card statements, old bills, credit card offers, and ATM receipts, and even simply documents with your address on them.

Prevent Identity Theft by Protecting Your Mail

Many people go out of their way to shred their mail, but they do not even think about someone stealing their identity from the mail in their mail box! Stolen mail is one of the main ways that criminals can get your information. If you leave important documents in your outgoing mail, they can simply open up your box and take it. The criminal will surely thank you for not making them go through your trash to get that info.

When you are mailing out important information (such as bills or applications) drop them off at the post office, instead of leaving them in your mail box before you go to work. That little red flag you put up tells any crook that there is something good inside. When you go out of town have your mail stopped, and never leave mail in your mailbox overnight.

Prevent Identity Theft by Protecting Your Computer

This is the area people worry about the most. We hear a lot about how easy it is for hackers to steal all our information, and how it is unsafe to use credit cards online. The truth is, the internet is probably the safest place for your information if you apply the proper precautions.

I feel safer using my credit card online than I do in the store. Reputable online stores provide secured check out pages that encrypt your personal information. Also, unlike using your card in person there isn't anyone looking at your card (or making a physical copy) that you need to worry about.

Every computer connected to the internet needs to have a high quality internet security system. These programs are constantly updated and do a good job of protecting you from anyone trying to make an assault on your information. Do not skimp on this purchase and make sure you program is constantly update.

Prevent Identity Theft by Protecting Your Information

If you are quick to give away your private information then none of these other tips will matter. Keep your private information a secret unless it is absolute necessary to give it out. Fake phone surveys are an easy way for a thief to easily get you to hand over private info.

If you get a letter or email that looks to be from your bank, asking to give someone a password or other information always be skeptical. Many crooks will doctor up documents or websites that look official, just to steal your information. It is always better to be too cautious than too loose with your private information.

Prevent Identity Theft With Identity Insurance

While all the above tips are a great start for stopping an identity thief, the truth is it might not be enough to stop a determined criminal. The thieves are getting smarter everyday, and law enforcement is still 10 years behind in protecting you from this crime. Some companies have seen the need for this sort of protection, and have gotten into the identity insurance business.
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For only the price of a movie ticket each month you can be sure that your good name will be safe. This protection is even backed by a $1,000,000 guarantee. If you would like to sleep easy at night knowing you and your family are safe from identity theft just Click Here>> []Identity Insurance.

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how to uninstall and remove norton antivirus from computer installed software

If you are a regular user of Norton Antivirus software, you know that it can be expensive to upgrade your subscription every year. Even worse is the hassle involved with uninstalling the application once you decide to try something new. Of course, this does not happen by coincidence - the developers at Norton have done this for a reason. Norton does not want you to make the switch to their competitor's software, and the harder it is to remove the more likely you are to stick with them. This is where software like Perfect Uninstaller comes in.

Perfect Uninstaller is one of the newest software removal applications on the market, and is quickly gaining in popularity. It is being used by computer users all over to remove and uninstall software they no longer want on their computer. Up until recently, the only choice computer users really had to remove software from their computer was to either use Window's built-in add/remove utility or to use a program's uninstall app. The problem is that many programs for some reason do not respond to Window's add/remove utility and do not offer an option to uninstall it from the hard drive.

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Another problem many face is even if the add/remove utility works, it sometimes does not completely remove files and folders associated with the removed program. This can cause a computer to run sluggishly or crash frequently. Programs like Perfect Uninstaller can remove any program (forcibly if necessary) from your computer and it will clean up the registry files related to the installation to ensure your computer runs like it should.

Perfect Uninstaller is not the only option available to remove Norton antivirus. Norton itself offers a removal tool, but many users find it a hassle and it sometimes crashes too. A few other programs available to uninstall Norton include Revo Uninstaller and Absolute Uninstaller.

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Two things to bear in Mind while we talk about Protecting yourself Online in order to Prevent Online Identity Theft and being Victim of Cyber-Criminals:

A. Keep in mind that antivirus software protects only your device, not your internet connection. It’s only Secured and Protected Virtual Private Network, VPN can securely protect your internet connection communications between your computer device, servers and websites.

B. A VPN is a must-have utility to protect your privacy and prevent hackers and snoopers from stealing your personal information.