Protecting Yourself From Online Computer Virus Attack and Personal Identity Credit Card Data Hacking

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Best-Selling Antivirus


With the development of technology, there has been millions of virus, spyware and cybercrime that target the computer networks, information systems and personal computers. Hence, it makes sense to invest in good computer virus protection software from a well-known company. So, one must rely on a renowned brand to buy antivirus software for both personal computer and mobile phones. Below is a list of top three best computer Antivirus Software:-

•    Norton Security Deluxe Antivirus Software: - Norton Security Deluxe software is one of the most useful antivirus software available in the market that works inconspicuously in the background when there is no scan running. It works on the following operating systems (OS): Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices at an available cost of around $80. It gives real-time protection while browsing. It protects the devices against malware, spyware, viruses, online browsing threats and software vulnerability. It automatically adjusts its settings, but can also be controlled manually. It has other features like online identity protection, risky android app warning, multiple device protection and email scanning.

•    Great Malware Protection.
•    Strong Password Manager.
•    Covers most of the devices.
•    There are no parental controls.
•    Scarce feature set at this available cost.
•    Notable performance hit at the time of scanning.
         It is perfect for getting flawless protection for devices, but is not advisable for those who want parental controls.

•    McAfee 2016 Total Protection Unlimited Antivirus Software: - McAfee provides single subscription for numerous devices. It is only required for the devices to be added to the existing subscription for which multiple licenses are not required. They provide support all the time and protect the devices from malware and Trojans. They permanently remove all the files that are under threats. They are specially provided with anti-spam feature to prevent spam mails from getting into the inbox. They have got a parental control feature too. The True Key App helps to store all usernames and passwords safely. The software protects all sensitive files with improved encryption.
•    Protects all devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS.
•    Has encrypted file vault.
•    Precise anti-spam.

•    Firewall is not fully protected.
•    Parental Control is minimal.
•    Apple iOS support is very much limited.
         This antivirus software protects all devices having proper file encryption     and the best part is one can use it for multiple devices at a single subscription.

•    Avast Antivirus Software: - This antivirus software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. They have interesting features like one click home network security function, password manager, browsing protection, game-mode for playing without any interruptions, etc. The scanning rate is quite faster than other software. They come with a minimum of 250 micro updates to improve the level of protection.

•    Have password manager and LAN scanner.
•    Includes various configuration options.
•    Provides very less impact to the system.

•    Takes time to scan.
•    Average malware protection.

Avast Antivirus Software provides basic protection against malware, but comes with home network scanner and a password manager with many configuration options. 

Two things to bear in Mind while we talk about Protecting yourself Online in order to Prevent Online Identity Theft and being Victim of Cyber-Criminals:

A. Keep in mind that antivirus software protects only your device, not your internet connection. It’s only Secured and Protected Virtual Private Network, VPN can securely protect your internet connection communications between your computer device, servers and websites.

B. A VPN is a must-have utility to protect your privacy and prevent hackers and snoopers from stealing your personal information.