Protecting Yourself From Online Computer Virus Attack and Personal Identity Credit Card Data Hacking

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The above Top Three best computer Antivirus Software are the most useful for protecting the devices against any cyber attacks and are completely user friendly. Thus, installing any one of them will save the devices from serious threats.

Today internet provides ample opportunities to everyone and everywhere. This has its negative impact too! Hackers and criminals are ready to take advantages of the situation and make it insecure for the normal users. This is the reason why it has become very important to protect yourself from online identity theft credit card data breach and hacking.

 A cyber crime is a type of crime where the computer is used to commit real life criminal offences. There can be different types of cyber crimes starting from financial fraud and data disruption to refusal of service and illicit access.  

This is nothing new and has been an issue of concern over the past decade. However, previously the damages caused were recoverable to a great extent. These days it is really difficult since the criminals are using newer and smarter methods to serve their purpose thanks to the advancement of technology. Some of them operate at a slower speed in an inoffensive manner so that it never becomes difficult to track them.

Sources of hacking:-
There may be different people and organizations participating in hacking and they include-
•    Governments: Governments which are against a particular country may be involved in hacking activities. For example, many nations are determined to cause harm and pose threats to USA. Naturally, they engage in hacking the US confidential websites.
•    Terrorists: - Terrorist organizations also take part in hacking to a great extent. However, since the other means adopted by them such as bombing and plane hijacking work out better, most terrorists prefer these traditional methods over hacking.  
•    Professional Hackers: - These are people expert in hacking who are hired by people with wrong intentions for the purpose of hacking.

 There can be different reasons for hacking. They are-
•    Taking Revenge: - It is surprising to know that there are some hackers who hack not because of their benefit but in order to avenge something from their past.  
•    Surpassing the Competitors: - Another common motive behind hacking is beating the competitors.
•    Economical Loss: - Many hackers hack website in order to cause monetary loss to individuals. These are done using banking Trojans. Credit Card Protection will prove helpful in this respect.
•    Loss of Data: - Hackers are often interested in stealing private and personal information from you to serve their own purpose.
•    Vandalism: - Websites are often vandalized in order to create an atmosphere of fear.
•    Complete Control: - The hackers are even found to use malwares in order to gain complete control over a computer and execute codes according to their convenience. 

Hacking may have several negative impacts starting from huge monetary loss to permanent closing down of websites. The use of computer virus protection is not enough to prevent cyber crimes and insecurities. Even the best selling antivirus software might not be able to protect your PC. In addition to this, one must refrain from visiting malicious links and websites and also get an internet security for his system so that the files downloaded from the net do not harm the system in any way. Total securities are also available which combine the benefits of both anti-virus and internet securities. In order to give full protection one way is through hacking hackers with firewall antivirus software.

Two things to bear in Mind while we talk about Protecting yourself Online in order to Prevent Online Identity Theft and being Victim of Cyber-Criminals:

A. Keep in mind that antivirus software protects only your device, not your internet connection. It’s only Secured and Protected Virtual Private Network, VPN can securely protect your internet connection communications between your computer device, servers and websites.

B. A VPN is a must-have utility to protect your privacy and prevent hackers and snoopers from stealing your personal information.